June 24, 2024
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Just like in all open world games Fast Travel is an important mechanic. in Starfield its the game if not more important as the game is soooo big.

So, in order to get to different destinations quickly. You might want to save time by just simply Fast Travelling and finish it quicker.
There are plenty of ways to Fast Travel in Starfield, and the mechanic is very flexible and easy to use. Below you’ll learn how to Fast Travel in Starfield.

How to fast Travel in Starfield

To facilitate Fast Travel within Starfield, follow these simple steps: Access the menu and navigate to the Starmap, located in the top-right corner. This will open your current map based on your location. If you’re on a planet, it will display the surface map, and if you’re in space, it will show the Starmap. You can seamlessly switch between these maps using the RB button on the Xbox controller for the surface map or by continuously pressing the B button to zoom out.

Select a location you’ve previously discovered on the surface map, and a confirmation prompt will appear, asking if you’d like to initiate Fast Travel to that location. It’s as straightforward as that! Additionally, there’s an option for Fast Travel directly to your ship by pressing the Y button.

Heres a few other ways to fast Travel.

Furthermore, you have the capability to transition from the surface of a planet to appearing in front of another planet before landing on it. While viewing the surface map, zoom out to the Starmap, choose a different planet, and then hold down the X button to set a course toward it. The next screen will place you inside your ship, positioned in front of the designated planet.

For an efficient way to reach your next destination in a side quest, access the menu screen, navigate to the bottom, and select the Missions tab. Pick a side mission and either press Y or X. Pressing Y will display your next destination on the Starmap, whereas pressing X offers a quicker method by instantly directing you to the precise location of your next objective, accompanied by a prompt to land there. This approach streamlines your side quest journey.