June 24, 2024
Starfield ps5
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Will Starfield ps5 version ever happen?


Hello, Gamers worldwide are eagerly anticipating the release of Starfield ps5 version will unfortunately will have a long wait. However, Bethesda Game Studios‘ long-awaited space exploration game. However, there’s been some confusion about whether it will be available on the PlayStation 5 (PS5). In this post, we’ll explain why “Starfield” won’t be launching on the PS5 and why it’s now exclusively tied to Xbox platforms.

Bethesda’s Xbox Connection

So, the main reason for “Starfield” being an Xbox exclusive is Microsoft’s purchase of Bethesda Game Studios back in September 2020. Think of it as a big gaming family joining forces. When Microsoft bought Bethesda, it meant that future Bethesda games, including “Starfield,” were set to become close pals with Xbox.

Xbox Game Pass Bonus

However, Microsoft didn’t stop there. They wanted to make Xbox Game Pass even more appealing, so they decided to add Bethesda’s games to the subscription service from day one. It’s like getting free access to some awesome games when you’re part of the Xbox Game Pass club. “Starfield” is a part of this, which makes Xbox consoles and Game Pass an even better deal.

Phil Spencer’s Confirmation

The big boss at Xbox, Phil Spencer, gave us some clarity too. He confirmed that “Starfield” and other Bethesda games would be exclusive to Xbox and PC. This straightforward statement made it clear that PlayStation players wouldn’t get to venture into “Starfield’s” universe.

Xbox Series X/S and PC Availability

So, here’s the deal: “Starfield” is set to launch on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. That’s where you’ll find it. If you’re a PlayStation 5 owner, it’s a bit of a bummer, but Xbox players and PC gamers are in for a cosmic treat. The exclusive arrangement means that “Starfield” will be exploring the galaxies on those platforms and those platforms alone.

Conclusion Starfield ps5 won’t happen

Now to wrap things up, “Starfield” won’t be landing on the PlayStation 5. Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda and their commitment to Xbox Game Pass have made the game an Xbox and PC exclusive. If you want to dive into the mysteries of “Starfield,” consider getting an Xbox or gaming on a PC.

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