June 24, 2024
Starfield's Collector's Edition
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Starfield’s Collector’s Edition is better than the rest.


  • Bethesda’s approach to Starfield’s Collector’s Edition shows that it has learned from past mistakes, particularly with Fallout 76’s disastrous collector’s edition.

  • Fallout 76’s collector’s edition controversy over a misleading canvas bag and inadequate compensation caused a massive PR nightmare for Bethesda.

  • Starfield’s Constellation Edition, on the other hand, includes high-quality physical and digital goodies, such as a Chronomark smartwatch, showing that Bethesda has remedied its mistakes.

Bethesda’s legacy in crafting remarkable RPGs is undeniable.

However, the studio has proven fallible. During the late 2000s and early 2010s. The monumental success of The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind in 2002 established Bethesda Game Studios as a prominent player. while Oblivion further solidified their position as industry stalwarts. Fallout 3 showcased Bethesda’s prowess in developing non-fantasy games, and the release of Skyrim catapulted the studio to global recognition.

Nevertheless, recent times have seen Bethesda facing challenges, intensifying the scrutiny on their upcoming release Starfield’s Collector’s Edition.

Starfields release is just days away.

With Starfield’s launch just around the corner, anticipation has reached unparalleled heights. While this excitement unfortunately ignited redundant console warfare discussions, gamers will soon have the opportunity to form their own verdicts on the game’s actual quality.

Amid these lofty expectations, Bethesda’s approach to Starfield has garnered approval from fans, notably exemplified by the Constellation Edition – a manifestation of the studio’s insightful learning from past errors.Fallout 76’s premium collector’s edition encompassed elements like a luminescent in-game world map, collectible figurines, and a wearable Power Armor helmet. Regrettably, the real issue was not these features, but rather the special edition’s canvas duffel bag.

What comes with Starfield’s Collector’s Edition?

Starfield's Collector's Edition

Upon receiving their costly collector’s editions, buyers discovered the bag was not crafted from canvas but nylon. Bethesda’s prompt alteration of the product description on their website to indicate nylon only intensified the backlash. Numerous outlets and fans astutely pointed out this abrupt change, compelling Bethesda to acknowledge that the material shift was necessitated by resource scarcity.Nevertheless, the controversy did not culminate there.

Bethesda’s attempt at resolution involved offering purchasers of the special edition 500 Atoms – Fallout 76’s in-game currency – as compensation. This meager offering, equating to roughly $5 at the time, inadvertently underscored the excessive pricing within Fallout 76’s in-game store. The community’s inability to even afford an in-game postman outfit, notorious for being bundled with a canvas bag, further exacerbated the issue. Adding insult to injury, revelations surfaced that influencers were gifted canvas variants of the bag.

Eventually, Bethesda did dispatch canvas bags to those rightfully owed them, yet this episode remains a colossal public relations debacle that has left a lasting impact.Thankfully, it seems that Bethesda has imbibed valuable lessons from this ordeal. The Constellation Edition of Starfield is now finding its way into the hands of consumers, and initial assessments overwhelmingly position it as a praiseworthy collector’s edition.