June 24, 2024
How many Hours of Gameplay will Starfield have
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How many hours of gameplay will Starfield have? We have the answer

How many Hours of Gameplay will Starfield have

If you’re like me and are wondering How many Hours of Gameplay will Starfield have, then you are in the right place.

Starfield promises to be a huge space epic adventure for its fans. Starfield is looking to be one of the most expansive games we’ve seen so far on a next-gen console. However, the question most fans want answering is exactly how long will it take to beat the game? 4k Game media has searched the internet far and wide for you and have found the answer.

The main campaign for the anticipated game Starfield is expected to take each player between 30-40 hours to complete during an average playthrough.

How many Hours of Gameplay will Starfield have

For those of you who like to complete all side quests/extra missions then you can expect to far exceed 30-40 hour of gameplay.  This is because we believe that 30-40 hour is for main story missions only.


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