June 24, 2024
Aquaman 2
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Aquaman 2: Topo Takes Center Stage

In the upcoming Aquaman 2 the Lost Kingdom, fans will get to see more of Topo, the octopus with a knack for drumming. Topo made a brief appearance in the first movie when Arthur Curry and King Orm entered their Atlantean coliseum. However, this time, Topo will have a much bigger role.

Topo Gets Upgraded in Aquaman 2

Director James Wan revealed that Topo will be more than just a background character in Aquaman 2 . He described Topo as “an actual character” this time. In the comics, Topo is known as an ally of Aquaman, and in the movie trailer, you can spot Topo riding alongside Jason Momoa’s Aquaman on a seahorse named Storm.

The Lost Kingdom Unveiled

James Wan is excited about the world-building in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. He shared, “One of the funnest things for me about this movie is designing the Lost Kingdom. We see what the Lost Kingdom is, we see this society, and within it we see the vehicles and the toys and the weapons and all that.”

A Retro Touch

Wan drew inspiration from the Silver Age Aquaman comic books from the 1960s when creating the Lost Kingdom. As a result, the entire setting has a nostalgic, retro feel. One of the interesting vehicles in the movie is the Octobot, which travels both in and out of the water.

A Tribute to Classic Epics

The production designer, Bill Brzeski, compared James Wan’s vision for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom to classic epic films like “The Voyage of Sinbad” and “Jason and the Argonauts,” which are known for their groundbreaking special effects. He mentioned that the movie has elements that modern audiences can relate to, such as problems and challenges, but it also features an exciting quest and formidable monsters.

Wan’s Vision

James Wan proudly embraced the comparison to Ray Harryhausen’s work, stating, “That’s the biggest compliment, because that’s the spirit that I was going for.” Harryhausen was a renowned special effects icon, and Wan’s aspiration to capture that spirit indicates the grand scale and adventure viewers can expect in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

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